Monday, 12 October 2015

Top 10 Defenders in the Football World Today!

Objectives are the most invigorating piece of football. They bring the fans on their feet, bouncing and cheering to praise their objective scorer. The world's best strikers endeavor to put the ball in the net's back and they have an individual detail line to appear for it. Notwithstanding, those whose occupation it is to stop them are regularly overlooked. So to respect the abrasive plugs who need to fight the harsh strikers and elusive ball handlers, here is a world's rundown best defenders.


10. Gerard Piqué, Barcelona

Piqué is a cleaned defender who utilizes a mix of strategy and quality to win the ball off rivals. At 6-foot-3, the Spanish defender is a prevailing physical vicinity at the focal point of Barcelona's defense. The 28-year-old centre back was instrumental in keeping up the most minimal objectives against normal in the Spanish League this season and a major piece of his group's second treble in club history....Read more

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